Contemporary White Gyasar

Craft Revival Trust

Craft Revival Trust

Pristine white Gyasar with intricate floral patterning. This multi-purpose Gyasar can be used universally from home furnishings to wall hangings etc.

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  • Title: Contemporary White Gyasar
  • Location: Pilli Kothi, Banaras
  • Type: Textiles
  • Medium: silk brocade
  • History of Technique or Style: The Gyasar brocades with its densely patterned silk with auspicious Buddhist symbols and floral imagery threaded with gold and silver yarn was introduced around the 1970s and exported across the globe to clients ranging from the Royal family of Bhutan to Buddhist monasteries. Continuing to nurture their ties and trade links with the world outside they now have a world-wide customer base that includes international designers to the weaving of sacerdotal fabrics for Greek Orthodox churches.
  • Creator: Kasim Silk Emporium