Convent of Christ - the Charola


Convent of Christ

Convent of Christ
Tomar, Portugal

The Charola was the Knights' private oratorium within the fortress. Its typology is similar to byzantine churches which integrated Romanesque designs with those of the Crusades' movement.

At its base, a design develops around a central space in which the Templar rotunda takes the shape of an octagonal prism - also known as 'tambor'. This unfolds in sixteen sides vested in the ambulatory, which helps close the volumetry of the building.

During the reign of King Manuel I, the Charola functioned as the main chapel of the new conventual church. It was enriched with sacred art including sculptures, wood and leather paintings, mural paintings and pargets.

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  • Title: Convent of Christ - the Charola
  • Date Created: 1160/1160
  • Location Created: Tomar, Portugal
  • Rights: DGPC em Portugal
  • Medium: Architecture