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A copy of Halid Ziya Bey's letter to the branch management, informing them of his resignation. 29 December, 1892

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  • Title: Copy of letter
  • Date: 1892-12-29
  • Transcript: Izmir, 29 December, 1892 To the Management of the Ottoman Bank Izmir Dear Sirs I wish to inform you with this letter that the Governor wishes to appoint me head secretary of the Foreign Office of the Province, an office I feel obliged to accept, I beg you, with deep regret, to accept my resignation as of 31 December 1892. Having worked at the Bank for eight years, I regret being unable to serve any longer. I respectfully request that you apply to the General Management on my behalf, for the authorisation to pay me an award amounting to a sum they will see fit from the Savings Fund in return for my service to the Bank. I take the liberty to recommend as my successor, Muammer Bey Uşakizade, who, after three years at the Bank as a temporary employee, has acquired the necessary experience. As a sign of my deep gratitude, I beg to propose to remain at the Bank's service, either to assist my successor or to accomplish any service that the Bank would require of me. Reiterating my deep regret for leaving a position so generously given to me, I once more beg you to accept the expression of my gratitude for the goodwill shown to me and assure of my continued devotion. Signed: Halid