Creating patterns on cloth for Adire

The Centenary Project

The Centenary Project

This is a method of making Adire which is called “Eleko”. It is done by applying starch paste made from cassava flour on the cloth. The starch resists the dye from penetrating through the cloth. The starch pastes are applied with brush or feather on the surface of the fabric or through a stencil that has been cut into a design. It will be left to dry for a while under the sun before it is immersed into a dye solution.

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  • Title: Creating patterns on cloth for Adire
  • Location Created: Nigeria
  • Fashion Show: GTB Fashion Weekend 2016
  • Type: photograph
  • Photographer: Christopher Udoh/ David Assam
  • Original Source: The Centenary Project
  • Rights: The Centenary Project