Cuff links with portraits of their daughters

Juvelerarfirma Gustaf Möllenborg1872

Hallwyl Museum

Hallwyl Museum
Stockholm, Sweden

On Christmas Eve 1872, Walther was given a pair of cuff links by his wife, to complement the breastpin. The lids are adorned with the initial E and open to reveal the portraits of their two daughters, Ebba and Ellen. It was customary to complement the monogram and picture with a lock of hair, although this was not done in these instances. Like the breastpin, the cuff links are of gold plate, blue enamel and foiled rose-cut stones, but these items were made by the Gustaf Möllenborg jewellers in Stockholm.


  • Title: Cuff links with portraits of their daughters
  • Creator: Juvelerarfirma Gustaf Möllenborg
  • Date Created: 1872
  • Artist info: Photo: Erik Lernestål
  • Original Language: Swedish
  • Subject Keywords: Jewellery, gold, enamel, cuff links, Walther von Hallwyl
  • Rights: CC-BY-SA
  • External Link: Inventory number: XXV:I:E.a.05.


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