Custard apple tree with custard apples

Real Academia de Gastronomía

Real Academia de Gastronomía
Madrid, Spain

Custard apples come from South America, although the world’s biggest area of custard apple producers is in the south of Spain—especially around the east coast of Andalusia, where they hold the protected designation of origin “Chirimoya de la Costa Tropical de Granada-Málaga.” They are harvested from September until January. The skin of the custard apple is very delicate and bruises easily. Given its delicate nature, it needs to be handled very carefully and has a limited shelf life.

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  • Title: Custard apple tree with custard apples
  • Location: Málaga, Spain
  • Rights: Copyright ICEX / Dpto. Multimedia / ICEX
  • Photographer: Juan Manuel Sanz / ICEX