Cylindrical Attic Geometric Lidded Box (Pyxis)

Unknownc. 760 BC

Reading Public Museum

Reading Public Museum

This Attic geometric pyxis (circular box) from Greece is made of terracotta with black slip geometric designs. The lid has a double horse handle, which is typical of the more elaborate examples of this type of vessel. The lid and the pyxis have typical geometric patterns: swastikas, chevrons, meanders, wavy and straight lines, dots, spirals and quatrefoils. Pottery vessels were usually placed in the tomb during the funeral. Most painted pottery was made for use, and so its shapes were practical, in a wide range of forms and sizes.

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  • Title: Cylindrical Attic Geometric Lidded Box (Pyxis)
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: c. 760 BC
  • Physical Dimensions: 9"h
  • Type: object
  • Medium: terracotta
  • Culture: Greek
  • Credit Line: Museum Purchase