Late Shang Dynasty, 1100 B.C. - The Western Zhou Dynasty, 771 B.C.

Jinsha Site Museum

Jinsha Site Museum
Chengdu, China

This dagger-axe is made of greenish white jade. The obverse side is brown and black-spot stains left by permeation, while the reverse side is yellowish brown-spot and white-spot stains. The profile is flat consisting of blade and edge. The blade is triangular, and the upper part is thinner than the lower one. The blade is arc shape, and a trumpet-shape hole is drilled on the rectangular handle. This elegant artifact is well-polished with exquisite craftsmanship. This type of bronze dagger-axe are both unearthed in Jinsha and Sanxingdui sites, thus, it should be a kind of traditional artifacts in the two places. So far, this type of artifacts has not been found outside of Sichuan basin, but particularly in this region. It is presumed that it is a kind of ritual artifact but not used in practice.

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