It is a Dallyeong made of plain-patterned silk, and a Gapoomdae with pictures drawn on plain-patterned silk was excavated together. It has a 'Baekhan (silver pheasant) Hyungbae ', horizontal 36cm and vertical 35cm, attached to the chest and back of the Dallyeong, and as the 『Sokdaejeon』1746 prescribes that the civil official Hyungbae of Dangsang-gwan is of Woonhak, and Dangha-gwan is of Baekhan, the crane Hyungbae symbolizes the civil official Dangha-gwan. Jikryeong is overlapped in the Dallyeong, and the coat string, armpit garment, and Doryeon are stitched together, while the armpit garment was fastened with a knot after being folded backwards. Shim Ik-chang is the fourth son of Shim Ji-won 1593-1662, who served as a Youngeuijeong.

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  • Title: Dallyeong, Official Robe
  • Location Created: Joseon 18C
  • Physical Dimensions: 130 cm x 121.5 cm
  • Type: Official Robe
  • Rights: Gyeonggi Provinvial Museum