It is made of plain-patterned silk, and the color has strong traces of dark blue, which is used for Dallyeong for public duty. There is a 'Baekhan (silver pheasanat) Hyungbae(백한白鷳흉배)', horizontal 38cm and vertical 34cm, attached to the chest and back of the Dallyeong, and the Baekhan Hyungbae corresponds to a civil official Dangsang-gwan 3rd rank at the time. The sleeve has a curved form sleeve-seam, narrow near the armpit and having a wide breadth, and the early 17th century characteristic can be seen of the upper part of the armpit garment of the side hem reaching upwards diagonally.

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  • Title: Dallyeong, Official Robe
  • Location Created: Joseon 17C
  • Type: Official Robe
  • Rights: Gyeonggi Provinvial Museum