The outer cloth was made of cloud-patterned silk and the inner cloth was made of lotus flower-patterned silk, and it is presumed to have been a dark green. It has a 'Woonhak (cloud and crane) Hyungbae', horizontal 30.8cm and vertical 34cm, attached to the chest and back of the Dallyeong. In this period, differentiation of rank came not from the number of animals but from the type of animal pattern, and the crane Hyungbae symbolizes the civil official Dangsang-gwan. The side hem armpit garment is fixed on the back with a button knot, which is different from the forms of the early Joseon Dynasty. Euiwongun Lee Hyuk is the grandson of Inpyeong Daegun, the third son of King In-jo.

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  • Title: Dallyeong, Official Robe
  • Location Created: Joseon 18C
  • Type: Official Robe
  • Rights: Gyeonggi Provinvial Museum
  • Medium: Cloud-Patterned Silk, Flower-Patterned Silk