Deposition of Christ

Guido Pajetta1949

Museo Diocesano Milano

Museo Diocesano Milano

  • Title: Deposition of Christ
  • Date: 1949
  • Provenance: Private Collection
  • Physical Dimensions: w70 x h105 cm
  • Painter: Guido Pajetta
  • Description: This work represents an important turning point in the artistic career of Pajetta. In the late forties and early fifties, he abandoned his Chiarismo and neo-Fauve style in favor of a new, creative, expressionism. The dramatic events of the war, through which Pajetta lived in Tremezzo, on Lake Como, contributed significantly to the maturation of this new painting style. The theme of the Deposition (which the artist would return to later in his career) can be read as the figurative translation of the artist's reflection on the theme of death and human suffering. Currently not on display.
  • Type: painting
  • Rights: © Archivio fotografico Museo Diocesano, Milano
  • External Link: http://www.museodiocesano.it/collections/opere-di-varia-provenienza/
  • Medium: oil on canvas