Derail 2014

Davide Dormino2014-10-25

Outdoor Project

Outdoor Project

5 Km of iron rods; environmental dimension.
His work is an intricate mass of iron rods rising from train tracks. Form a strong and apparently tamper-proof material a movement is born, it is the beginning of a transformation and a new life. Like Davide Dormino says: " DERAIL is a voluntary breakage of preconceived scheme, a transformation that is a new beginning. DERAIL is the continuation of two parallel lines that will never meet, that rebel and into an organic flow that overrides a boundary. A dead-end track is the end of two railroads that have been cut off with a clean cut. It is a barrier but also an arrival. Derailing means losing control over your own trajectory". DERAIL comes as a result of the artistic meeting the space, that specific location: the train tracks.
The installation can only be enjoyed from inside of the long corridor of the Dogana. From the last windows of the space it is possible to observe this apparently lifeless artwork. The viewing from indoors shouldn't be seen as a division between the spectator and the artwork, an impossibility to get close to the work. Instead it should be seen as a wish to have different points of view of the space and reflection on the Dogana. The artist conceives the location as more than just a container for art, it is the contents itself, an integral part of it that completely fuses into the idea and the material that Davide Dormino has managed.

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  • Title: Derail 2014
  • Creator: Davide Dormino
  • Date Created: 2014-10-25
  • Location Created: Rome