Diadem Charilla

942 - 970 A.D.

Museo de Jaén

Museo de Jaén

CE/DA02789/01. The tiara is formed by a rectangular main plate made of a thin gold sheet. Two pentagonal plates are welded at each end of the main plate. The pentagonal triangular pieces end in a ring. The base plate has been embossed with floral motifs. The central body is divided into five rectangles. Each of the rectangles has a central oval cabochon containing glass paste of different colours.
This diadem was among the pieces discovered by chance in 1977 in the vicinity of the hamlet of Charilla (Alcalá la Real, Jaén). No contextual information for it exists.

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  • Title: Diadem Charilla
  • Date Created: 942 - 970 A.D.
  • Location: Charilla Village. (Alcalá La Real, Jaén)
  • Physical Dimensions: Length=21.6 cm; Width=4.6 cm
  • Type: Accessories
  • Medium: Gold and precious stones