Ding Dong Daddy #12 Oh! Oh? Me

William Walmsley and William Walmsley (1923 - 2003)1968

Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

In 1964 Walmsley visited paper companies and ink companies in New York on a modest research grant, and started experimenting with Japanese rice papers; also at about that time, he perfected the gossamer web of tusche washes that have become his trademark. His Bad Painting Series was ending when he moved from painting to printmaking, but the Bad Drawing Series and a new series title, Ding Dong Daddy, coalesced briefly in a single work on a single litho stone. Although he had once printed a work which Kentucky department chairman Richard Freeman blithely called “Ding Dong Daddy,” he had not launched into the series until after he arrived at Florida State. “D.D.D.”— or “Ding Dong Daddy” emerged victorious in one of his most successful, award-winning early color works, Walmsley Is a Hamburger (1965).

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  • Title: Ding Dong Daddy #12 Oh! Oh? Me
  • Creator: William Walmsley, William Walmsley (1923 - 2003)
  • Date Created: 1968
  • Provenance: Gift of William and Dorothy Walmsley
  • Medium: Lithograph