Dionysos or Bacchus


Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

Marble statue of Dionysos, the god of wine, in the company of a satyr. Dionysos is dressed in a loose garment which hangs from his left shoulder and is draped in rich folds over his thighs. He wears a wreath of ivy around his head. In his raised right hand he is holding a bunch of grapes. His left arm leans upon the satyr who covetously glances at the grapes. Satyrs are the merry, mischievous, usually slightly intoxicated regular attendants of the god.
Dionysos, venerated by the Romans under the name of Bachhus, was the son of Semele and Zeus. He is the god of wine par excellence: grapes and vine tendrils form part of each representation of the god. He is also the god of inebriation and ecstasy

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