Discoid Figurine


National Museum of Archaeology, Malta

National Museum of Archaeology, Malta

Figure consisting of a pair of conventional human legs surmounted by a large disc elaborately decorated on both sides with deep grooves and shark's tooth decoration. From this disc a kind of elongated triangle emerges at the end opposite where the legs are joined. At the latter point a kind of broad tail runs out behind, serving as a kind of support to the figure. There is a hole pierced between the two legs about three-quarters of the way up. Brown ware with burnished self-slip. (Reconstructed)

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  • Title: Discoid Figurine
  • Date Created: -2400/-1500
  • Location: Tarxien Temples
  • Medium: Ceramic
  • Showcase room: Bronze Age Display, Beliefs and Funerary Rites Showcase
  • Photographed by: Stephen Psaila
  • Period: Tarxien Cemetery Period
  • Inventory number: 5881


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