This is described as a ‘Semi-circular dome’ and it is classified as a hemispherical damascene framework, i.e. decorated with latticework, gilded and painted, with the components nailed to boards resting on hidden load-bearing pieces. The framework rests on a circular ring, which itself rests on an octagonal drum bearing the coats of arms of the owners. It reaches the square level through pendentives with muqarnas. It is completed with a plaster frieze decorated with knots and shells, and a section of plasterwork featuring human and fantastical figures and an inscription in Gothic capital letters. The construction of the palace was ordered by the Duke and Duchess of Maqueda and lords of Torrijos. The building exchanged hands several times and was partitioned with various alterations, uses and purposes. It was demolished at the start of the 20th century, and many collectors acquired a large part of its decorative elements. This ceiling was acquired by Páramo, and his descendants sold it to the State in 1969.

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  • Title: Domed ceiling
  • Date Created: Late 15th century
  • Location: Torrijos, Toledo, Spain
  • Type: Architectural elements
  • Rights: http://www.man.es/
  • External Link: CERES
  • Medium: Gilded wood, plaster
  • Provenance: Cárdenas Palace
  • Original Tittle: Techumbre cupular del Palacio de Torrijos
  • Cultural Context: Late Middle Ages