Drums, Traditional Drums from Tottori

Tottori Prefectural Government

Tottori Prefectural Government

The history of the taiko drum can be traced as far back as the Jōmon Period (14,000 -300 BCE). In antiquity it was used primarily for ceremonial purposes, rather than for entertainment. At Ohe Drum Shop in Nichinan, Tottori Prefecutre, Japan, the techniques of traditional taiko drum-making have been passed from father to son for four generations.
The entire process is carried out manually, from procurement of materials to
assembling the drum locally, making it an unusual store in Japan as a whole.

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  • Title: Drums, Traditional Drums from Tottori
  • Location Created: Ohe Drum Shop
  • Subject Keywords: Tottori Prefecture, drum, Taiko
  • Type: Musical instrument
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