Dudeul village




In this Dudeul village a Gwangjewon was located in the Joseon Dynasty. Therefore, the village was named as ‘A village where a Won was located in Dedeul’, and it was also called Wondudeul or Wonri. In 1640 (the 18th year of reign of King Injong) Seokgye Yi Seok-myeong felt shame about the Byeongja Horan (the second Manchu invasion of Korea) and came to this village. Seokgye's fourth son, Sung-il succeeded his father's business. As the number os his descendants and relatives increased, it became Jaeyeong Yi family clan's village. Seokcheon Seodang (village school) which was built by Seokgye and his old house still remain on a knoll adjacent to the village. On the rocks along the stream of Hwamae flowing in front of the village, his fourth son, Hangjae Yi Sung-il's handwritings of Nakgidae and Syeosimdae remain in perfection so far. In addition, there are a traditional house experience hall, a monument dedicated to Jeongbuin Lady Jang, a courtesy training center and the Gwangsan Literary Institute.

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  • Title: Dudeul village
  • Creator: PKW
  • Physical Location: Yeongyang-gun, Kyeongsangbuk-do, Korea