Dump truck

Moline Pressed Steel Co.1931

The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play

Made by the Moline Pressed Steel Company of East Moline, Illinois, Buddy L cars, trucks, and other vehicles could withstand whatever punishment a youngster might inflict. In fact, the toys made of heavy-gauged steel could carry the weight of an adult. In the 1910s, the Moline company had produced full-sized car and truck fenders; when it began producing toys, it used the same materials and methods of construction for its toys as it had used for the full-sized auto parts. Within a few years of introducing the Buddy L line of toys, the Moline company stopped production on car parts altogether and concentrated exclusively on making playthings.

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  • Title: Dump truck
  • Creator: Moline Pressed Steel Co.
  • Date Created: 1931
  • Location: East Moline, IL
  • Type: Transportation Toys
  • Medium: pressed steel
  • Object ID: 76.101