Earth Observations of Houston taken by STS-115 crewmember




S115-E-06158 (15 Sept. 2006) --- This image of Houston's "downtown" and "uptown" districts and most of the area inside the I-610 Loop was photographed by one of the STS-115 crewmembers aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Harris County Domed Stadium and the nearby facility for the National Football League's American Conference Houston representatives are just below the scattered cloud patch at frame center. What has become known as "uptown" Houston is in the lower left corner. The central business district or downtown is in the upper left quadrant, easily identified by the skyscrapers and the facilities for Houston's Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association affiliates. The Medical Center district is near the cloud patch just north of the older domed stadium. NASA is too far south to appear in the picture, though the southern leg of Beltway 8, about six miles north of the Johnson Space Center, appears at right edge; and Bush Intercontinental Airport is too far north.

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  • Title: Earth Observations of Houston taken by STS-115 crewmember
  • Date Created: 2006-09-15
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