The British Echinoderms depicted in this chalk drawing  are two sea urchins, a cushion star or 'starlet', a common starfish, a brittlestar and a sea lily. In his book A Year at the Shore Gosse writes 'I am yet struck with admiration at the structure of a [sea urchin] when ever I examine it'.  Adult urchins have a fascinating and complex structure called 'Aristotle's lantern'.  This is used for chewing and is controlled by 60 muscles.

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  • Title: Echinoderms
  • Date: 1880/1880
  • Physical Dimensions: w468 x h620 mm
  • Provenance: Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, Exeter City Council.
  • Type: Drawing
  • External Link: Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery
  • Medium: Coloured chalk on black painted paper
  • Artist: Philip Henry Gosse