In early 2007 in Bandung, a spritual group was founded on a philosophy of echo, noise and sound. The group's main activity meditating together, and the members are asked to exercise discipline through regular, individual meditations at home. Their meditation centers around the group philosophy. By focusing their attention on echoes, noises and sounds, the members are expected to achieve a stage of awareness that connects them with all objects in the universe. Ultimately, everyday life is an effort to achieve harmony with the echo of the universe. This artwork consists of an 18-minute documentary video of their spiritual acivities.

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  • Title: Echo
  • Date: 2011/2011
  • Commisioning: Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Artist: R.E. Hartanto
  • Type: Video, installation
  • External Link: www.biennalejogja.org
  • Medium: Video installation, photo, wall text