El Bulli plasticine models

Ferran Adrià / El Bulli

Acción Cultural Española, AC/E

Acción Cultural Española, AC/E

How to faithfully reproduce the contents of a plate? That was the question. While an industrial design can be reproduced on the basis of molds, a dish forming part of a meal has to be made over and over again by hand. At El Bulli, to ensure that the compositions on the plate were always the same, the plate’s contents were modeled in plasticine in different shapes and colors. The name of the dish was noted on a ticket and in this way models were made that the cook could use to reproduce them by copying the size of the portions and their position on the plate. The photo shows a dish called semillas with its model in plasticine.

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  • Title: El Bulli plasticine models
  • Creator: Ferran Adrià / El Bulli
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