Endowment deed



Mehmed Kâmil Bey's endowment deed to the Kasımpaşa Mevlevi Dervish Lodge, 13 March 1870

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  • Title: Endowment deed
  • Transcript: I hereby endow two hundred and sixty pounds sterling in the form of bonds of the General Debt, which I have deposited at the Ottoman Bank and for which I have received a certificate, to the Mevlevihane of Kasımpaşa, for the lighting of the cells of the dervishes and coffee expenditures of the kitchen,asking in return for the Holy Koran to be recited twice every year in memory of the exalted soul of my regretted wife, Emine Melek Hanım, and that her name be remembered. As I have instructed the administration of the said Bank to deliver to the Sheik of the said lodge a sealed receipt of the dividends of the said bonds amounting to 1,480 piastres every year, I request that the said Sheikh receive the said sum from the Bank in two yearly installments in gold Mecidiyes of 100 piastres, starting in the month of July of this present year of [twelve hundred] eight-six, and to perform the duties mentioned above under the specified form and conditions, adding that these duties shall be performed without any omission by his successors until the end of time. I have delivered the present deed, mentioning my endowment of two hundred and sixty pounds sterling to the above-mentioned lodge, to the Sheikh of the above-mentioned holy lodge on 1 March, 1286.Mehmed KâmilChief of Protocol of the Foreign Office