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“Translating Korean Tradition into a Contemporary Musical Language.”(Soulful sounds to soothe the modern spirit) - “Translating Korean Tradition into a Contemporary Musical Language.”
Ensemble SINAWI’s explorations of Korea’s musical heritage has led them to discover the tremendous amount of expressive potential in adapting traditional rhythms and melodies to create new and authentical Korean improvisational musical forms. Drawing inspiration from the ecstatic rhythms of Pungmul, shaman rituals and the impassioned melodies of Pansori and Sanjo, Ensemble SINAWI crafted a musical bridge from Joseon to Jazz.
Lee Bongguen’s vocal and chamber group consist an Ajaeng bowed psaltery, Gayageum zither and traditional Korean percussion perform passionate modern versions of classic Pansori, and Shamanistic rituals or Gut (굿) as well as original compositions by pianist and ensemble director, Jeong Songhee. There is an intimacy in ensemble SINAWI's music, perhaps that is why they perform so many love songs.
Ensemble SINAWI’s collective musical vision challenges the conventions of “fusion” and “crossover” music. There is nothing forced or artificial here, only passion and extraordinary creativity. The rhythms and melodies you hear are the same as those that have been practiced for generations by Korean musicians of improvisation while the song lyrics all come from classical poetries of Pansori. The stunning juxtaposition of authentic Korean sounds within the context of a chamber-jazz performance provides a dynamic and exciting encounter with an extraordinary new form of traditional music for the 21st century.SHIN Hyunsik - Ajaeng
KIM Jihye - Janggu, Percussion
HA Sera - Gayageum
JEONG Songhee - Piano, Composition
LEE Bongguen - Vocal, Jing

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  • Title: Ensemble Sinawi | Donghae Rhapsody
  • Creator: Into the light

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