Entrance Hall, Women's Social and Political Union, Lincoln's Inn House

F. Kehrhahn and Co. and F. Kehrhahn and Co.1912

Museum of London

Museum of London

The entrance hall of the headquarters of the Women's Social and Political Union, Lincoln's Inn.
The postcard was sent to Minnie Turner who ran a guest house in Brighton, popular with her fellow Suffragettes. The postcard ipostmarked Reading has a handwritten message on the reverse that reads: 'You are a little brick - Thank you so much. I have forwarded Miss A's letter to my Uncle to see if he approves (he is paying the piper). I will let Miss A. know as soon as possible. Please give my love to Miss R & wish her good luck. Love from MLA'.
n 1912 WSPU headquarters moved from Clement's Inn to Lincoln's Inn. The move represented a split in the WSPU as Fred and Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence were purged from the leadership by the Pankhursts as a result of a disagreement with regards tactics and policy. Whilst the Pethick-Lawrnces remained with their supporters at Clement's Inn where they continued to publish Votes for Women, Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst and their supporters ran the 'official' WSPU from the new premises at Lincoln's Inn where they launched a new weekly newspaper, The Suffragette edited by Christabel.
This postcard, one in a series, depicting various departments and offices at Lincoln's Inn reveal the scale and sophistication of the WSPU organisation, that employed both salaried and volunteer staff and used the most up to date office equipment and technology such as duplicating machines, telephones and typewriters.

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