Escalera VI

Margarita Morselli1985/1985

Art Museum of the Americas

Art Museum of the Americas


  • Title: Escalera VI
  • Date: 1985/1985
  • Physical Dimensions: w39.5 x h39.5 in
  • Painter: Margarita Morselli
  • Description: Morselli’s Escalera VI depicts a set of stairs from which water trickles. A suffused vapor at the top of the stairs evokes a sense of mysticism in the scene. In other paintings of the series, Morselli reinforces that sense of otherworldliness by adding a beam of light that illuminates the stairs from the top-left corner or hints at deterioration by collapsing the structure of the bottom steps. Morselli confers to her stairs a transcendental value that is similarly displayed in Anselm Kiefer’s architectural spaces, although she does so in terms that are not as overtly political. -Text by Francesca Giani
  • Alternative Title: Stairway VI
  • Type: Painting
  • Medium: mixed media on canvas


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