This large-scale figure was created to be paired with Adam on the sides of The Gates of Hell around 1881, but for economic reasons this plan was never realized. Rodin based the work on a model whose beautiful body had "the sinuous beauty of a panther" but when the model became pregnant, he abandoned the project in an unfinished state. The marble sculpture of Eve in reduced scale was created after he abandoned, but this lifesized figure was not displayed until its entrance in the 1899 Salon. From 1901 through 1907 Bourdelle sculpted Eve in marble based on Rodin's plaster model as a praticien for Rodin. This museum's statue of Eve is thought to have been cast from the marble sculpture. (Source: Masterpieces of the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, 2009, cat. no. 132)

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  • Title: Eve
  • Date Created: 1907 (model)
  • Location Created: France
  • Signatures, Inscriptions, and Markings: Signed right side of base: A. Rodin; Foundry mark lower right back of base: Alexis Rudier / Fondeur Paris.
  • Sculptor: Auguste Rodin
  • Provenance: Kojiro Matsukata; Sequestered by the French Government, 1944; Returned to Japan, 1959.
  • Physical Dimensions: w670 x h1740 x d770 mm
  • Object title (Japanese): エヴァ
  • Object notes (Japanese): 《アダム》とともに《地獄の門》の脇に立てる巨像のため、1881年頃に制作されたが、この案は経済的な理由から実現されなかった。ロダンは、「豹のしなやかさと優美さ」を具えた美しい肉体を持つモデルを使って制作していたが、彼女が妊娠していたため頭部と両足は未完成のまま中止された。その後縮小された《エヴァ》の大理石像などが制作されているが、この等身像は1899年のサロンに出品されるまで発表されなかった。1906-07年に、ロダンはブールデルに石膏原型に基づく石灰石像を彫らせ、この時、頭部と両足を完成させるため新しいモデルを使うことを許したと言う。当館所蔵の《エヴァ》は、この石像による鋳造と考えられる。(出典: 国立西洋美術館名作選. 東京, 国立西洋美術館, 2006. cat. no. 132)
  • Artist Name (Japanese): ロダン、オーギュスト
  • Type: Sculptures
  • Rights: Matsukata Collection, http://www.nmwa.go.jp/en/information/privacy.html
  • External Link: The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
  • Medium: Bronze