Fake Certificate

István Elek Szomolanyi, hardware merchant1944-12-10

Holocaust Memorial Center

Holocaust Memorial Center

One of the fake certificates. Using the identity of Kálmán Halasy, driver’s mate by occupation and Arrow Cross activist by conviction, a decorated WWI veteran lieutenant was hiding in Budapest in December 1944. “Kálmán” survived the war.

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  • Title: Fake Certificate
  • Creator: István Elek Szomolanyi, hardware merchant
  • Date: 1944-12-10
  • Location: Budapest
  • Location Created: Budapest
  • Physical Dimensions: paper
  • Original Language: hungarian
  • Provenance: private collection (registry number: 2012.23.4)
  • Subject Keywords: Holocaust, World War II., Rescue, irathamisítás
  • Transcript: Typed transcript: “István Elek Szomolanyi, hardware merchant Certificate I hereby certify that Kálmán Halasy, born in Rákospalota on 3 December 1894, is employed in my company as driver’s mate for a probation period. Endurance! Long live Szálasi! Budapest, 10 December 1944. As of 15 December 1944, Kálmán Halasy is ordered to Party service. Budapest, 15 December 1944 Commercial Profession Order of the Arrow Cross Party
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