Arcadi Mas i Fondevila1895

Maricel Museum

Maricel Museum
Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

"That is one of the paintings that some painters, customers of Continental cafe, placed in the Ribera Promenade in Sitges, offered to his owner to decorate the premises walls when it became the Cau Ferrat beer hall on August 1895.

The topic of this work makes reference to one of the main people activities of that moment: fishing.

What is most important of this painting is the representation of the light effect on the beach and over the boats and fishing tools represented. His author, Arcadi Mas I Fondevila, is not for nothing considered together with Joan Roig i Soler, one of the leaders of the Lightness School”.

The use of a palette basically with light colours, colour shadows and a framing where the most part of elements appear cut are some of the features that at that time were considered modern painting."

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