From the series Baby in a Chapel by Conor Ashleigh

Delhi Photo Festival 2013

Delhi Photo Festival

Delhi Photo Festival

From the series Baby in a Chapel
by Conor Ashleigh

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  • Title: From the series Baby in a Chapel by Conor Ashleigh
  • Creator: Delhi Photo Festival 2013
  • Rights: © Conor Ashleigh All rights reserved. May not be copied without prior written consent.
  • Photographer's site: www.conorashleigh.com
  • Photographer: Conor Ashleigh
  • About the series: Baby in a Chapel: After leading an unfulfilling urban life, Kai and Rose decided to leave Melbourne and move their family to an isolated area in rural Australia. Baby in a Chapel is a visual observation created over the period of four years. Pillars of life for the family are observing their children grow up, learning to live more sustainably and finding joy in the simple things.
  • About the Photographer: Conor Ashleigh, b. 1987, Australia. After three years of Australian based activism and international volunteering, Conor Ashleigh came to realize that he was as passionate about the medium of photography as he was about the issues he was documenting. While Conor believes in the power of the media he is also deeply committed to exploring alternative avenues to educate audiences and share his work. His work has featured in several international magazines and he has also worked on humanitarian assignments for organisations like UNICEF and AusAID.


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