This dish originated in Andalusia but this simple yet delicious cold soup is synonymous with summertime all throughout Spain.

Tomatoes, pepper, virgin olive oil, salt, vinegar, and bread. These are the basic ingredients, but every household prepares their gazpacho slightly differently, adding, for example, garlic, cucumber, or onion. Gazpacho is usually accompanied by a garnish made from finely chopped onion, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, boiled egg, and bread. Modern cooks have adapted the recipe with the inclusion of cherries, strawberries, or beet, turning it into an avant-garde dish.

If the (preferably white) bread is mixed with the ripe, chopped tomatoes and left for a couple of hours, or even overnight, the juice from the fruit will soak into the crumb and add real depth of flavor to the dish.

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  • Title: Gazpacho ingredients
  • Location: Alambique, Spain
  • Rights: David de Luis
  • Photographer: David de Luis
  • Food styling: Sandra Jiménez Osorio