Gift tag:Merry Christmas from Big Bird 9 gift cards


The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play
Rochester , United States

Since its premier in 1969, the television series "Sesame Street" has remained on the cutting edge of children's educational entertainment, combining engaging puppet characters, catchy tunes, and effective instructional methods. For more than 40 years, the series has taught preschoolers their alphabets, numbers, good manners, tolerance, and other values. Now broadcast in about 140 countries around the world, "Sesame Street" has earned eight Grammy awards and more than 100 Emmys for its excellent programming and its phenomenal success in educating children. The series has generated consumer goods of all kinds, especially toys. Board games, card games, and dexterity games all carry themes and educational elements from the series. Gift tags made appropriate trimmings for, perhaps, Sesame Street themed presents at holiday time.

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  • Title: Gift tag:Merry Christmas from Big Bird 9 gift cards
  • Date Created: 1976
  • Location: Troy, Pa
  • Subject Keywords: Sesame Street, Big Bird
  • Type: Action Figures and Character Toys
  • Rights: Children's Television Workshop
  • Medium: printed cardstock
  • Object ID: 115.45510
  • Credit Line: A Gift from the Family of Jim Henson