Gila Red Scoop


Pueblo Grande Museum

Pueblo Grande Museum
Phoenix, United States

Small Gila Red scoop. Exterior and interior surfaces slipped, with large gray fireclouds. Both surfaces exhibit patterned polishing striations parallel to the long axis of the vessel. Typical scoop use wear extends from the left side of the front of the scoop, becoming heavier as it progresses to the right. Additional wear near the base on the front of the scoop. This scoop was recovered from an oval pit located in a habitation area of the Pueblo Grande site. Pueblo Grande was a large village site located at the headgates of a major canal system occupied as early as AD 500, reaching its greatest size during the Classic Period. Museum Accession: 1996.17

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  • Title: Gila Red Scoop
  • Creator: Hohokam
  • Date: 1100/1450
  • Physical Location: Pueblo Grande Archaeological Site, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Type: ceramic