Real Academia de Gastronomía

Real Academia de Gastronomía

It looks like an olive, but it's actually a "gilda." Chef Paco Roncero has turned this simple appetizer into a delicate bite that teases the diner by transforming the textures of the dish. What appears to be a simple olive contains all the flavors of the "gilda" (anchovy, olive, and chili), creating a surprising explosion on the palate.

The multi-faceted Paco Roncero is Executive Chef at the La Terraza del Casino restaurant in Madrid (with 2 Michelin stars), and he also has restaurants in Bogotá, Cartagena, and Ibiza. He has also become a great champion of tapas, giving them a new lease on life by updating traditional recipes in his Estado Puro gastrobars in Madrid and Shanghai. Roncero is reinventing Spanish cuisine's most traditional tapas, refreshing old dishes with surprising, original touches that play with flavors and textures. The result opens up a new culinary dimension and shows that simple dishes made with quality ingredients, creativity, and imagination can become haute cuisine.

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  • Title: Gilda
  • Rights: Real Academia de Gastronomia
  • Photographer: David de Luis
  • Chef: Paco Roncero