Glasnevin Cemetery grant book for Patrick O'Brien grave


Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

A grant confirming the purchase of a burial plot in Glasnevin, signed by Irish Parliamentary Party (IPP) leader John Redmond. This became the grave of Patrick O'Brien, Home Rule MP for Kilkenny. The by-election that followed O'Brien's death was won by W.T. Cosgrave for Sinn Féin; ironically, Cosgrave, who was also an alderman on Dublin Corporation, played a role in organising Thomas Ashe's funeral by interceding with Lt-General Sir Bryan Mahon, the incumbent general officer commanding British forces in Ireland. Mahon, an Irish-born veteran of the Gallipoli campaign, subsequently ignored orders from Dublin Castle to restrict any overt displays of republican militarism in relation to Ashe's funeral and kept his forces out of the way of the funeral arrangements (Glasnevin Trust).

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  • Title: Glasnevin Cemetery grant book for Patrick O'Brien grave
  • Date: 1917/2017
  • Location: Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.


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