Glass Briati chandelier Glass Briati chandelier


Jenisch Haus, Historische Museen Hamburg

Jenisch Haus, Historische Museen Hamburg

A glass Briati chandelier hangs from the ceiling, which was made in the workshop of Joseph Pallme around the middle of the 18th century. The elaborate production processes make this chandelier a special piece. The arms of this chandelier have a unique six-part grooving. This was achieved by the glass-maker pressing the required amount of glass each arm into a cast-iron mold that contained the grooves as a negative. The glass gob was then retrieved by an assistant using pliers, stretched to the required length and hardness, and turned slightly. On a wooden board, the still-hard glass rods were bent around two nailed wooden blocks, until they formed S shapes. Meanwhile, two other assistants formed the candle covers that were then melted onto the arms using drops of very soft glass.

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