Glass for a burial society's annual banquet


The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

This glass, one of a few surviving examples from Bohemia, was used by the members of the hevra kadisha at their annual banquet, held on the day traditionally designated as the anniversary of Moses' death. The painting in the middle depicts a funeral procession led by a man putting a coin into an alms box, alongside the verse "Righteousness [Charity] saves from death" [Proverbs 10:2]. The inscriptions consist of biblical and Talmudic phrases concerning not only death and mourning, but also the drinking of wine in celebration of life. They include the name Baruch Segal Austerlitz of Kolin, possibly the donor of the glass.

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  • Title: Glass for a burial society's annual banquet
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 1713
  • Location: Prague, Bohemia
  • Type: Glass
  • Rights: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Photo © Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Yoram Lehmann
  • External Link: Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Medium: Glass, enamel paint
  • Dimensions: H: 24.5; Diam: 15.7 cm
  • Curator: Raccah-Djivre, Daisy; Assaf-Shapira, Efrat


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