Glass Vase

Unknown701 AH

The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait

The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait

This large piriform vase has a long, slightly flared, cylindrical neck with a large splayed opening. A foot ring was applied under the kicked base and two round handles with protruding wavy trails were attached on either side where the body meets the neck. A large inscriptional band in blue letters, outlined in red and divided into two sections by the handles, dominates the decorative program; the inscription, is in bold thuluth script. This inscription is set against a background of white vegetal spiral scrolls highlighted with touches of red and green enamel. A narrower band around the neck includes two stylized simurghs with long ribbonlike tails, on either side of the neck, in gold against a blue background.

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  • Title: Glass Vase
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 701 AH
  • Physical Dimensions: h27.5 cm
  • Inscription: "Glory to our Lord the Sultan, the King, the Learned"
  • Decoration: Painted with epigraphic, mythical, vegetal and heraldic blazon.
  • Type: Blown, tooled, applied, enamelled & gilded
  • Rights: al Sabah Collection
  • Medium: Glass


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