Goddess Kali Trampling Upon Shiva


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This is perhaps the most mysterious iconographic renderings of Hindu mythology. The bronze image shows the popular theme of the goddess Kali trampling upon the body of her consort Shiva. Often this iconographic conception is associated with the Hindu tantrism.
It is believed by some scholars such as D. D .Kosambi that when the buffalo worshippers such as the Gavlis of Maharashtra came into contact with the Mother goddess worshippers of the migrant food gatherers initially there was a conflict between the two groups though later on the two deities got married, on occasion the goddess reverted to type by trampling upon Shiva(Mhasoba) as well.

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  • Title: Goddess Kali Trampling Upon Shiva
  • Date Created: 1771/1800
  • Location: Himachal Pradesh
  • Physical Dimensions: L 6.5 cm x B 4.5 cm x H 8.5 cm
  • Rights: Text © Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art/ Jyotindra Jain
  • Medium: Bronze and Silver Inlay Done In Eyes
  • Period: Late 18th Century


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