Gold Belt with Fish Pattern

Late Shang Dynasty, 1100 B.C. - The Western Zhou Dynasty, 771 B.C.

Jinsha Site Museum

Jinsha Site Museum

These two pieces of gold belts with inscription of fish patter are same in size dimension and even in inscription pattern, which may be certain they are two parts of a ware. Two fishes symmetrical tail to tail are scripted on the surface of the two gold belts, addressing much of symmetry. Further effort to the analyzing, the gold belt with fish pattern has been functioned to overcome water monster in sacrificial activities, and it is an article used in rituals. The fish is designed with ferocity and peculiar face which is illustrated in three aspects: a bird-like long beak mouth with uprising hook; shuttle-like eyes; no fish scales except for several lines of water wave.

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  • Title: Gold Belt with Fish Pattern
  • Date Created: Late Shang Dynasty, 1100 B.C. - The Western Zhou Dynasty, 771 B.C.
  • Physical Dimensions: w2.01 x h21.1 x d0.02 cm (Overall)
  • Type: Gold
  • Rights: Jinsha Site Museum, http://www.jinshasitemuseum.com/gongg/201211/444.html
  • External Link: Jinsha Site Museum
  • Technique (技术/工艺): Hammering and folding, Chiseling, Engraving
  • Culture (文化): Primitive Religion in Ancient China


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