Gold Bracelet


National Park Service, Centennial One Object Exhibit

National Park Service, Centennial One Object Exhibit

Gold was discovered in the Yukon Territory in 1896, and the majority of people heading to the goldfields passed through Seattle. Many jewelry items and trinkets, like this charm bracelet, were made with Klondike Gold, and continue to be valuable today. The bracelet charms include a small gold pan, a pick and shovel crossed, and a square bucket with a handle. The bucket and gold pan each have three initials inscribed in the outside bottom in very elaborate script. The donor reports the initials on the pan belong to her grandmother, Phoebe Jane Hoover, and the bucket belong to Phoebe's niece, Maud E. Forcey.

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  • Title: Gold Bracelet
  • Date Created: 1898
  • Contributor: Klondike Gold Rush-Seattle Unit National Historic Park
  • Park Website: Park Website
  • National Park Service Catalog Number: KLSE 396
  • Measurements: Dia 6.8 cm
  • Material: Gold


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