Gold Chen Er Lang leaf

Shanghai Guanfu Museum

Shanghai Guanfu Museum

This gold leave(leaf) weighs 37.7 grams, long square shaped, looks very much like a book page. On the four corners it is stamped with words"Tie Xian Xiang"; In the middle it is stamped"Chen Er Lang"; It is also stamped "Shi Fen Jin" . Goldware has been used in many different ways.leave(leaf) is one type of the gold currencies. In Southern Song dynasty, due to the high value of goldm, usually gold is not directly involved in the daily commericial exchange. Acccoding to the literature it is shown that the gold leave is mainly used to exchange notes, paying taxes and has been used as a reward to military spending and state expenditure and so on. Therefore, it is an excellent study material social, economic and financial researches in ancient society. According to the "Du Cheng Ji Sheng", there were more than one hundred stores for gold and silver trading only half a mile within the Hangzhou city in Southern Song period, obviously, it shows the highly developed enonomy in Song dynasty. Moreover, it can also be used for making other types of complicated jewels, or even Taoist alchemy.

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  • Title: Gold Chen Er Lang leaf
  • Location Created: China
  • Provenance: Acquired by Shanghai Guanfu Museum
  • Type: Metalwork-Currency
  • Rights: Shanghai Guanfu Museum, China

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