Gold Coin

Unknown1048 AH

The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait

The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait

One large gold coin equivalent to one hundred Mohurs. Minted for Shah Jahan, dated 1048 AH. Both sides show epigraphic decoration each with a centre panel within an outlined beaded border surrounded by four grandiloquent distichs (a unit of verse containing two lines) each contained within a shaped cartouche and with numerous different rosettes in the field. The coin is not precisely circular, with a diameter measuring 9.80 cm. The relief work on the outer borders on both the obverse and reverse are worn, while the central square retains its original brilliance.

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  • Title: Gold Coin
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 1048 AH
  • Inscription: obverse: In the central square: 'Shihab al-din Muhammad/ Second Lord of the Conjunction Shah Jihan/ Padshah Ghazi, twelfth regnal year.' In the top margin: 'When Shah Jihan/ became Ruler of the World' In the left margin: 'In generosity he gave away/ treasures in a single moment' In the right margin: 'So that he could bestow/ a hundred muhurs instead of one' In the bottom margin: 'He commanded a hundred muhurs/ to be made into one muhur'
  • Decoration: Inscribed with epigraphy.
  • Type: Cast
  • Rights: al Sabah Collection
  • Medium: Gold


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