Gold Jiao dou vessel with dragon-shaped feet

Shanghai Guanfu Museum

Shanghai Guanfu Museum

Jiao Dou, round and shallow belly, on the lower end inside the belly it is incised with four persimmon pedicle pattern. Twisted handles are attached near the belly, with a spout and also a vivid crane head ; A pair of handles are on each side, with three foot decorated with animal heads. In Warring States and Han period, it is often made by bronze and ceramics. This one is extremely rare as it is made by pure gold. Jiao Dou,is known as Diao Dou. In Han and Jin period, it is very popular and it usually looks like a bowl shape, with thick sides. Jiao Dou is supposed to be located above a brazier normally to heat food with charcoal flame. It is multifunctional, as it can be used as a food heater, or it can be used as a signal tool for the ancient army. It is recorded in the historical records "Shi Ji(Historical Records)": general Li Guang did not use the Diao Dou in army for self-protection purpose which shows he is brilliant in adjusting to changing circumtances.

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  • Title: Gold Jiao dou vessel with dragon-shaped feet
  • Location Created: China
  • Provenance: Acquired by Shanghai Guanfu Museum
  • Type: Metalwork-Ritual
  • Rights: Shanghai Guanfu Museum, China

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