Gold sachet with lotus and Mandarin ducks

Shanghai Guanfu Museum

Shanghai Guanfu Museum

Xiapei and Xiapei pendant are made for ritual costumes. They had a very important status in political lifes in Song and Ming dynasties. As a social status symbol, Xiapei has a strict policies in terms of its color, fabric, styles, and etc. Different ranking of the ladies with honorary title conferred by imperial mandate has different rules of costume wearings, Xiapei resembles a shawl, and it is often worn on the outer layer. Xiapei pendant is hanging on the bottom of Xiapei for decoration. According to existing Xiapei pendants research, lots of them can be opened, and can be also used as sachets. This piece of ornament is oval shaped, with two gold strips for opening and closing use. There is also a chain with hole on the upper end of the hole, which makes this object more convenience for hanging. It is hard to find a complete set together with chains. The two sides of the sachet are carved with lotus and a pair of mandarin ducks, which necks are twisted. The lotus details and wings of the mandarin ducks are finely carved, well designed, well layout, with auspicious meanings. The structure of this sachet is both beautiful and functional, which makes it more convenience for incense storage.

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  • Title: Gold sachet with lotus and Mandarin ducks
  • Location Created: China
  • Provenance: Acquired by Shanghai Guanfu Museum
  • Type: Accessories
  • Rights: Shanghai Guanfu Museum, China

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