Gonne Choi | Sailor's song

Into the light

Korea Arts Management Service

Korea Arts Management Service
Seoul, South Korea

Singer-songwriter Gonne Choi creates music that gives listeners the impression that it has existed for a long time. Listening to her music has been likened to finding yourself in the midst of a long journey.Choi has released three EPs(“36.5℃,” “Good Morning,” and “Real”) since 2010 before her first studio   album(“I was, I am, I will”) was issued in 2014. Despite having learned to perform pansori(Korean   traditional narrative songs) and play the gayageum(a Korean traditional instrument, like a zither) when she was young, by the time she was in college she had reverted to singing vocals in hard core rock band. Given this diverse background, Choi’s musical style spans the boundaries of rock, folk, jazz, contemporary, classical and world music, among others. At present, her musical resume includes completing a two-month of Europe(2012) and various music festivals in Korea, winning Japan’s Fuji TV “Asia Versus” competition(2013) and having performed at U.K.’s expansive Glastonbury Festival(2014, 2015).


  • Title: Gonne Choi | Sailor's song
  • Creator: Into the light

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