Gothic Revival Wall Tile

Campbell Brick & Tile Co1875 - 1880

Museums Victoria

Museums Victoria

Mid-19th century Gothic Revival tiles such as this example were largely designed for use in churches, though they were also availabe to a domestic market.Manufacturers ;of Gothic Revival tiles drew extensively on Medieval Gothic patterns. Designs were copied or adapted from original sources, with heraldic figures of hounds, birds and hares being popular motifs. The hounds on this tile are similar to those seen on tiles found in Kent that date to circa 1280.

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  • Title: Gothic Revival Wall Tile
  • Date Created: 1875 - 1880
  • Physical Dimensions: w150 x h150 x d18 mm
  • Type: Object
  • Rights: Copyright Museum Victoria: Source Museum Victoria / Photographer Benjamin Healley, Copyright Museum Victoria: Source Museum Victoria / Photographer Benjamin Healley
  • External Link: Museum Victoria Collections
  • Themes: Exhibitions: Melbourne International, 1880-1881
  • Artist biography: Minton's China Works was the tile-making arm of Minton's Ltd. In 1874 the director of Minton's Ltd, Colin Minton Campbell, renamed the brand Minton Brick & Tile Co. As this name was closely aligned to a separate business (Minton, Hollins & Co,) Campbell was ordered by the courts to rename the company. He chose Campbell Brick & Tile Co; 'Brick' was dropped from the company name in the early years. In 1963, the Campbell Tile Co merged with May & Co.
  • Artist: Campbell Brick & Tile Co